Coping with load-shedding?

Coping with load-shedding?

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Ground-breaking solar PV solution on show at Power & Electricity World Africa 2015 – Sandton Convention Centre, 24/25 March.

Eskom’s “crazy deal” in which it will pay well over the odds for high quality coal that its power stations cannot use unless it is blended down in a costly process is yet another indication that South Africa’s power utility is out of step with reality.

Five million tons of expensive, export-quality coal from Glencore mine will cost Eskom R3.76-billion a year – money it does not have.

Where will Eskom get the cash? The answer, most likely, is “from electricity users”. That’s out of your pocket….

For businesses and households, the future could be bleak….. unless there is an uptake of solar power, nature’s free alternative.

At the upcoming Power & Electricity World Africa 2015 show (at the Sandton Convention Centre on 24 – 25 March) a new, ground-breaking solar PV solution will be under the spotlight on the Soltra Energy stand.

Dubbed the Soltra GTB 10 000, the device functions as a back-up rather than a complementary power source in the event of a power outage. This sets it apart from conventional solar PV power systems.

For the technically minded, the 10 kVA capacity unit is a hybrid solar PV power system that can be operated in three modes: linked to the electricity grid (grid-tied); as grid-tied unit with battery backup (in a hybrid configuration); or as a stand-alone hybrid unit.

Aimed at larger-sized installations and ideal for roof-top installation, it offers a greater degree of backup battery autonomy and is thus geared for load-shedding.

In line with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and other conventional solutions, switchover time from mains to batteries is a rapid 15 milliseconds, suitable for protecting sensitive computer and other delicate equipment from the frequent power ‘brownouts’ and ‘spikes’ so common today.

Take time to visit the Soltra Energy stand at Power & Electricity World Africa 2015 where you find today’s solutions for tomorrow’s power problems – and knowledgeable people with whom to discuss your requirements.