Electricity consumers search for new solutions

Electricity consumers search for new solutions

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In the face of Eskom’s supply uncertainty and price hikes, consumers are on the lookout for new, innovative alternatives. This is the view of Bevan Jones, Soltra Energy MD, who says burgeoning interest in rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) power for domestic, commercial and industrial applications was evident at the recent Power & Electricity World Africa 2015 show in Johannesburg.

“Consumers from all sectors are keen to reduce their reliance on Eskom for power provisioning,” he says. “Concern over power reliability was at the top of most visitors’ lists. The current trend shows a move away from generators as an alternative power source. They are often seen as too noisy for domestic and home-office use.

“On the other hand, solar power is gaining ground as it is becoming an attractive, cost-effective alternative, particularly when Eskom’s new pricing structures are taken into account.”

Jones says that thanks to the latest technology, hybrid solar PV solutions are able to function as back-up as well as complementary power sources, setting them apart from conventional solar, inverter and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

* Soltra launched its high capacity Soltra GTB 10 000 at Power & Electricity World Africa 2015. It is a 10 kVA capacity, utility grid-connected, hybrid solar PV power system targeted at small-to-medium-size enterprise and domestic markets.