Li-ion Batteries are taking over

Li-ion Batteries are taking over

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The continued lowering of the price point and increased availability has made Li-ion batteries the technology of choice when deploying stationary storage hybrid solar PV installations.  

Although still 20-30% more expensive initially, the 7 to 10 year guarantee, and ability to cycle daily, makes the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over time very attractive. 

Unlike lead-acid batteries that degrade drastically if discharged by more that 30-50%, with lithium-ion batteries, depth of discharge (DoD) is no longer an issue with most batteries guaranteed for 10 years.  In addition Li-ion is more resilient against high temperature, with an operating range up to 45C

Notwithstanding that the Tesla Powerwall is longer available in South Africa, various chemistries of Li-ion batteries are now available at affordable prices from many other manufactures.  Locally manufactured brands such as Freedomwon and Blue Nova are seeing growing acceptance.  Overseas manufactures’ such as Pylton Tech, BYD and many others are rapidly gaining traction.

Li-ion batteries has come of age and is widely replacing deep cycle lead acid batteries.

By John Hope-Bailie, Soltra Energy CEO