The Tesla Powerwall: We couldn’t wait, so we designed our own

The Tesla Powerwall: We couldn’t wait, so we designed our own

By Jack Ward, Soltra Energy CEO

From what we’ve seen in the media, the Tesla Powerwall lithium-ion battery pack is an attractive, wall-mounted, space-saving unit that represents a leap forward in battery storage technology.

For users opting for solar energy installations, either to complement or backup Eskom power – or move off the grid completely – the Powerwall concept will certainly boost the acceptance of rooftop solarPV-plus-battery solutions beyond all projections. It’s a technology whose time has finally arrived.

While the Tesla Powerwall has been eagerly anticipated by South Africans facing disruptive power outages and the real possibility of load-shedding in the near future, the first Tesla units for general distribution in SA are reportedly some months away.

Fortunately for local electricity consumers, there is no need to wait. The alternative to the Tesla Powerwall is already on the market. Thanks to local design innovation and manufacturing excellence, the Soltra Energy Wall is available for immediate delivery. There is no waiting for a supply channel to be formed, personnel to be hired or stock to arrive.

One of the most attractive features of the Soltra Energy Wall – which assuredly mirrors its opposition in terms of specification and presentation – is the price. As can be expected, SA’s falling rand against the US dollar has caused the retail prices of US-made goods to soar. According to reports, final pricing for the Tesla Powerwall will likely only become available closer to the battery’s local launch date.

On the other hand, the SA-designed and manufactured Soltra Energy Wall – now available for country-wide installation – is cost effective and its price is easily justifiable for a wide range of applications. These range from domestic installations to the largest industrial sites where synchronised, multiple wall-mounted units and a unique, utility-scale, floor-standing version of the Soltra Energy Wall are ready for duty.

Most importantly, the Soltra Energy Wall is backed by a world-standard 10-year guarantee (subject to a 70% depth of discharge benchmark) and nationwide technical service by an existing, highly-trained and experienced customer support team.

While the Tesla Powerwall has been hailed as a game-changer, we can confirm that the locally-designed Soltra Energy Wall has already irreversibly altered the rules by which the power provisioning game is played in South Africa.